Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Dinner

family dinner
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I read two articles today about the Family Dinner. (both called Table Talk, one from the NY Times and one from the Huffington Post)  A family dinner is one thing that I want to do, especially now that Wolf is eating real food at every meal.

Growing up we always had family dinners. We had to eat what was on our plate and we couldn't talk about what we watched on TV.  It was for catching up with what was going on at school and with friends.  My parents still sit down to dinner together at the table, even though its just the two of them.

I guess we do have family dinner every night, its just in front of the TV.  Our dining table is in a corner covered with my sewing stuff.  My goal is to get that cleaned off and move it so its not in the corner anymore.  That will give us a better place to eat instead of in chairs (since we don't own a sofa).  There's a nook in the kitchen, but once 3 people sit in it it feels super cramped.  We use that as an art table instead.

I want Wolf to enjoy his dinners without distraction where he can feel like he can talk about anything.  Plus, I think its important for Kitty to have that stability every night.  We only get her 3 weekends a month, so its a good way to catch up with her school week and her friends.  The TV is on a lot, especially when Murl is home, so most of her time is tuned out and half listening to us.

I am going to set my goal to have the table set up by next weekend.  I also need to find another chair for it, since we only have 2.  Then, we can reclaim dinner!

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