Friday, April 27, 2012

"Mother"/Daughter Dance

We picked up Kitty tonight because she had a "Mother/Daughter" dance that she really wanted to go to.  After showing up 30 minutes late, her mother changed her out of her dress at a Walmart parking lot in the car with the door open.  It was like 40 degrees out.
In the car on the way home she tells us about her day when she says she had fun at the "fath-- mother/daughter dance."  It turns out it was a father/daughter dance.  Her mom lied to us and got Kitty to lie to us, too.  Murl felt really bad, because he would have taken the day off and taken her to the dance if he had known.  Kitty got very quiet for the rest of the ride home and stayed silent when he apologized for not being able to go.
Not only has BM told everyone that Murl is a bad father, but she's now proven it by taking her to the dance instead.  I'm sure it was never mentioned that her father was never told.  Plus, there's now proof that BM is getting Kitty to lie to us.  Awesome.
I don't understand how someone could do that to their kid.  I know their relationship hasn't been amicable since before Kitty was born, but she should be glad that Murl wants to be involved in her life (unlike her oldest's father).  Instead its always a struggle, there are lies and yelling and its all to make him look bad, like that will get him to back off, which I know has crossed his mind.  Through all the yelling and fighting, I still think its best for him to be there.  He's a much better parent than she is and Kitty needs stability, which is something she doesn't get at her mother's house.
To cap it off, Wolf screamed the hour ride home.  It was very loud, but somehow Kitty slept through it.  Dancing all night will do that to you.

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