Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Other people's kids

Wolfie and I took a walk to the park.  He napped and ate before we left and after the 10 min. walk was apparently really tired again.  He's a big fan of the swings, which is really all he can do at a playground right now.  I put him on the pavement to crawl around, but he didn't go anywhere.  I think all the kids running back and forth confused him.  He also sat in the sandbox, but decided he didn't like it (yet, because I'm sure he'll love it eventually.
When we were on the ground next to the sandbox I saw a young boy yelling "I want my scooter!"  After 2 or 3 times I would have just taken him home.  Instead, he threw a stick, which landed about 2 feet away from where Wolfie and I were sitting, and demanded "Go get my scooter!"  So, instead of taking him home or at least telling him not to throw sticks, his mother went to the car and got his scooter.
This is something I've noticed from taking Sophia to parks: it seems like no other parents pay attention to their kids!  There is a difference between letting your kid play without moderating it and letting your kid have free-reign to do whatever they want.  Letting your kid boss you around and potentially injure something is not good playground etiquette.
Or, maybe that's just me...
This is an old photo.  I need to remember to bring my camera next time we're out!

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