Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy Weekend

We got some new furniture this weekend from Murl's parents.  A nice bench, which will go by the stairs for taking shoes on and off, and a cabinet that I'm going to use for my craft supplies.  So, right now they're just sitting in the middle of my living room.  I was going to move them today, but I didn't feel like making space.

This weekend was low.  It was an OK weekend, but its the first weekend where I'm not working.  I spent it worrying about money instead of enjoying my time with my family.  That was stupid of me.  The one thing that I did not worry about was getting Kitty to clean up after herself before she left, which is never done if I'm not home.

It also rained all weekend (and today and again tomorrow), so there was no going outside.  We had a thunderstorm, but it wasn't a very exciting one.  We stayed inside and mostly played board games.  The dollhouse was pulled out at one point, but I don't like playing with it with Kitty.  There is a wooden cat that stays in the house and farts on everyone, which is gross and something that I'm trying to get her to stop doing.  She will also tell me how to play and get upset if I don't follow her lead, but she's always been like that.

My tomato and jalapeno plants look really sad.  Some of the leaves started falling off.  We have a huge window that takes up most of the living room wall, but it faces south.  It is awesome in the winter and was great when I first planet the seeds, but now the sun is moving more north and it doesn't come through the window as well.  I need to decide when I'm going to put them outside.  I'm afraid they are too small and would be washed away or eaten.

I was going to doing my kitchen organization questions for Zone Defense, but its late.  I'll do that tomorrow and move the furniture.  I'll throw out some boxes and make space.  We still have the crib box, which is very flat and doesn't take up space, which is probably why we haven't thrown it out yet.  Its not in our way.  Plus, people are always saying they're going to take it and burn it, but no one has.  Its going in the dumpster!

So that was mostly my weekend.  I was very tired during it.  Wolfie and I wake up around 10 usually, but Kitty is used to getting up at 7 for school, so that's what happens when she's here.  Its not her fault, school starts early, but she wakes up Wolfie and then we're up.  And, she won't nap, so I don't nap either.

Next weekend is Kitty's 6th birthday.  I need to get a headcount tomorrow and decide what to buy.  We are having a cookout at the park, which will be a lot of fun.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain.  Its rained the past few weekends.  Friday is supposed to be sunny, so hopefully that will continue through the weekend.  Otherwise we'll have too many people in our apartment and we have almost no seating.  Plus, the dentists downstairs are open and the kids will be too loud, which will result in an angry call from the landlord.

So, now I head to bed.  Murl should be done with my kindle, so I can play sudoku as I fall asleep.  He hogs it!

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