Thursday, May 3, 2012

To the Park!

Wolf and I walked to the park again today.  I'd like to do this every day, but we'll see.  It was 85 out and really hot for a walk, so hopefully it won't be too much warmer than that for most of the summer.

We swung for a bit, but mostly sat in the sandbox.  This is the second time he's been in the sand and he didn't cry.  He raked his fingers around and stick some sticks in his mouth.  Mostly he watched all the other kids run around and yell.  I think its hard for him to concentrate on what he's doing when there's so much else going on.

This time we didn't get anything thrown at us, which I liked.  It was pretty busy, but I guess if you want your kids to play outside after school then you take them to the park.  Its what I'll be doing until we have a yard and probably after that, too.

I did the next part of my cleaning yesterday, but never wrote about it.  Real quick: The bedroom looks really nice.  I just need to get Murl to quit throwing his clothes on the floor.  I think we can keep it this way!  Now I just need a day with the car to clean that out.

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