Thursday, May 10, 2012

Party Planning

Tomorrow is Kitty's 6th birthday.  We were planning on going up to see her, since she is at her mom's on weekdays.  Murl thinks that our lawyers have been talking, because they did not answer their phone at all yesterday and today she told him they have plans tomorrow and why did he assume he could take Kitty out after school?  He asked her about this weeks ago and she said it was fine.  So, we won't be seeing her until Friday night.  We'll make a cake and finalize plans and then party on Saturday!

My MIL reserved the pavilion at the park today and my FIL is making potato salad.  I need to pick up a few things tomorrow when I shop and we will be set.  Its supposed to rain, of course, so we'll be heading to their house if it does.  At least the kids can get outside to play if it dries up.

Mr. Crinkly Face
I cleaned up most of the kitchen today.  Cabinets were vacuumed and food was rearranged.  I somehow ended up with more room for food then I had before, without throwing anything out.  Tomorrow I'll clean out the fridge and clean off the top of the fridge.  Then its just the nook and the floor and that's it; the kitchen will be done!  Its very exciting.  Yes, it was already pretty clean to begin with, but getting a whole room clean is still exciting.
Fish Kisses!

I want to try to post new photos of Wolf every day, so here we go.  We hung out inside and cleaned all day, but that's ok, because playing on the floor is still fun.
What a ladykiller!
Nom Nom!

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