Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Woes.

Since Sunday is Mother's Day we were going to drop Kitty off on Saturday night, instead of Sunday morning, because it would be helpful for her mother.  Now, because her mother decided to change her mind about her birthday, we are going to just meet them on Sunday.  Our lawyer said that we shouldn't be doing them any favors, which I agree with.  She is going to raise some hell for us.

Murl talked to Kitty on the phone and asked what she was doing this afternoon and she said they were just going to the park.  Apparently those were her "plans" that interfered with us seeing her after school.  Total crap.

Went back to work today to pick up some stuff.  Didn't have to see the manager since he never works on Thursdays.  It was good to see people and I got some photos printed instead.  Once I finish all my cleaning, I am going to start on my scrapbooking and Wolf's baby book.  I'm super behind on both.

My MIL is taking us to a fair tomorrow afternoon, which will be fun.  I'll need to remember to bring the camera.  Before we go I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and bring laundry to my in-laws.  I think I can handle that.  All the kitchen needs is the fridge cleaned out, the nook cleaned and the floor mopped.

Here's your daily Wolf!
This squinty face is apparently his new thing.

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