Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to court

(I would like to own this picture.)

We've been waiting for Kitty's mother to screw up and we found out today that she did.

Last Wednesday.

No one bothered to tell us.  Our lawyer got an anonymous call today.  Which means we dropped Kitty off on Sunday and her mother hasn't even been home.

So, Murl drove up to pick up Kitty, who is with us now.  Her mother called to say she was released and arrange a time to pick her up tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we'll have to give her back.  But, we're filing to go back to court and this time we'll have some more fuel.

We don't know why she was arrested this time, but its probably drug related.  I can't find any information online, so I guess there's not a newspaper there that publishes these things.  I'm not sure.  I did, however, find an old mugshot of hers, which is hilarious!

Its another waiting game.  I'm hoping this all gets sorted out before school starts!

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