Friday, August 17, 2012

Organizing Old Magazines

My magazine piles!
I'll admit it: I hoard things.  I like to collect and I feel bad throwing stuff out.  It feels like a waste.
One thing I've always kept are magazines, which was fine when I would just pick one up here or there (I had a Martha Stewart phase a few years ago.  It started as research applying for a job with the magazine, but ended up so much more!).  But, my mother got me a subscription to Real Simple (love it!) and for the past 3 years I've been getting them every month.

I love articles about cooking, organizing and saving money and there are so many great articles that I want to reread and things I want to try to help simplify and organize my life.  The problem is that I'm not in a place where I can utilize a lot of their information.  So, I've been saving them.

This irks my husband because this is the third apartment we've had, which means he's been lugging boxes of magazines around.  He's been telling me he's going to just throw them out, which he'd never do, but its something he likes to threaten occasionally.

I always planned on pulling out the articles I wanted to save, scanning them and tossing the rest.  Now, with the awesomeness that is Pinterest, I can just find them online and pin them all!

It took me about a day, but I sat down (between my other cleaning and general baby-chasing) and skimmed each issue page by page.  Each issue has already been read, so I did not let myself reread everything.  If it looked interesting then I pulled it out.

After I pulled out everything I wanted, I sat down at the computer and went to the various magazine websites.  I did a quick search for the article and pinned each one.  Easy peasy!

Mmm... apple juice...
So, I now have an extremely heavy box to lug out to the dumpster, clean space on my desk and more storage room!

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