Thursday, July 19, 2012

How could a mother...?

I wrote this last night, but couldn't get my words right to finish it.  I'm still not sure what those words are, because I can't wrap my mind around how someone could act the way Kitty's mother does.

I really don't understand it.  How could a mother just... BE the way she is?

Kitty went back to her mom's this morning.  Murl talked to her on the phone and she spent the day playing video games.  Her mother hasn't seen her in over two weeks; you'd think they'd spend some time together!

CPS is involved now because of alleged abuse and neglect.  Kitty's brothers are violent to her and other kids.  The house is apparently full of cat feces.  Her (second!) parole officer is the one who had her arrested for alleged drug use and theft.

I'm watching Wolfie sleeping in his swing (he wouldn't go to bed!) and I can't imagine what must go through her head.  How could you let your sons get as out of control as they are?  How can you steal money and pills from your own mother and neighbors?  How can you not put your kids ahead of your wants/needs?

I understand she's got an addiction.  She needs help, but she obviously hasn't been motivated enough to get it.  For her kid's sake, I really hope this helps, otherwise she might not have her kids anymore.

Just before she left.

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