Saturday, May 19, 2012


Murl left earlier this afternoon for AZ.  I don't know what time they are landing, but it should be soon.  I texted him to see if he could say goodnight to Wolf, but I haven't heard back.

I'm watching SNL and I just saw an ad for Brave.  I really want to see that.  I think the romantic message is a lot better than other Disney movies.

I like that the girl doesn't need a love interest and instead the movie focuses on family.  Its a nice change of pace from Disney.  They almost got it right with the Princess and the Frog, but then they had Tiana be willing to give up her dreams.  That didn't rub me right.

In other SNL news, Mick Jagger bothers me.

Wolf and I went through all the baby clothes today.  I finished packing up all the 0-3's.  He's still wearing the 3-6's, even though he is almost 9 months.  I also pulled out everything else to see what we still need.  We are OK with 6-9, but I have almost no 9-12.  Hopefully we'll get more hand me downs from Murl's sister.  I think we'll survive the summer.

Tonight was sweet potato burritos.  I forgot to soak and cook my beans before, so I didn't eat until 10.  They are so good!  I only made 2, so tomorrow I am going to make the rest and freeze them.  Then I can have burritos whenever I want!

Its lonely without a husband.

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