Monday, May 14, 2012

Parking Lot Carnival

This weekend was really busy.  My FIL took us to a parking lot carnival Friday evening.  We met the cousins there and spent a ridiculous amount of money for the kids to ride mediocre rides.  They loved it, though, so its worth it.

Kitty's mother wrote Murl a 5 page long guilt trip about how she can't stand being away from her daughter for 14 days in a row and he needs to think about how it feels for her.  Not seeing Kitty for 14 days in a row is something we now do every month and something that Murl has done quite often in the past, whenever her mother has decided he can't see her.  So, boo-hoo.

Friday was crazy hair day!

Saturday we had Kitty's 6th birthday party.  I'll post on that later, complete with photos.

Today is mother's day and it was OK.  That's really all I have to say about that.  Murl dropped Kitty off at 8am and I got to sleep late with Wolf.  We watched TV and I cleaned up the kitchen and part of the bathroom.  Murl took a nap, since he had to get up super early and I didn't wake him up, which made us late for dinner at a friends.  He woke up two hours after we were supposed to be there to a bunch of missed texts.  So, we headed over there with Wolf and ate some delicious foods.  Burgers stuffed with blue cheese, bacon and spinach!  Yum.

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