Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up

I should get caught up.

I've cleaned the inside of my fridge, so I'm calling the kitchen done.  I'm not moving the fridge.

I picked all the trash out of the car.  It needs to be vacuumed, but I'll have to take it somewhere to do that.

Also, I moved all the furniture in the living room and vacuumed.

We like the park.  Wolf and I spend 2 hours there the other day with the cousins.  People don't like their kids to play with my baby.  Its weird.  This woman had a little boy she was playing with in the sandbox and there was a stroller about 10 ft away with a blanket over it.  I thought no there can't be a baby in there and then I though oh no that can't be that woman's stroller.  I was wrong.  She left her baby in a stroller 10 ft away from her!

Murl leaves Saturday for Tuscon.  He and his brother are driving their late grandmother's car back for his mother to use.  They leave after Murl gets out from work, fly down there and drive back.  They should be in Monday morning before Murl goes to work.  He's going to be dead all day.

I've planned a tasty non-meat weekend.  Sweet potato burritos on Saturday and Potato Madras on Sunday.  It will save me money and I can eat foods that Murl doesn't like!

More cleaning tomorow!

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