Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zone Defense 2.1 - Your Clothes Closet

Today I started on the official first zone from Zone Defense, which is my personal space.  Today I tackled the closet.  Most of what I owned doesn't fit and was from when I worked at Macy's 6 years ago.  I have close to $1000 of nice clothes in there (don't worry, I didn't pay anywhere near that for them!).  So, some will go to Megan and the rest to the thrift store.  I kept a few skirts, a couple dresses and a couple blouses.  I need to get a new knit sweater, since mine has some holes in it.

I cleaned out my bureau a couple months and haven't bought anything new since then, so I'm leaving that alone for now.  I need to do the top of my bureau and my nightstand, plus vacuuming the floor and closet and that room will be done.  Oh, and the windowsill.  Perhaps I'll make curtains, too, finally!

It feels good to be getting something done.  It seems I'll be working my way up to the harder stuff, since the bedroom isn't that bad.

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