Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preparing for the school year.

There was court on Tuesday.  I went and saw Kitty's mom for the first time in awhile.  She still looks hallow-faced and sickly.  They ordered a full spectrum hair follicle drug test.  We're still waiting for the results.  The longer it takes, the better for us.

I don't really want to think on any of that.  If it comes back negative then we have nothing until she screws up again.  For her and her kids' sake, I hope she doesn't.  For our and Kitty's sake, I hope she does.

I've got my linens reorganized and pulled out a lot of stuff to donate, so I need to see what's next on the list.  We'll need to go through the kids clothes soon; apparently Kitty has nothing to wear!

We went to the renaissance faire last weekend and Kitty wanted to dress nice.  She we through almost everything she owns.  We made suggestions.  Nothing she wanted to wear fit.  She picked out a sheer ballet skirt over short shorts, which made her look like she was just wearing undies.  We told her no, and there was a TANTRUM.

We haven't had one of those in at least a year.

Murl told her to can it or they would stay home and she wore another skirt under her ballet skirt.  This all took over an hour.  I told Murl that we'd be picking out her school clothes the night before.

I realized, while preparing myself for the school year (in case she's with us) that all the elementary schools wear uniforms.  Thank goodness!  Its more money, but less hassle.  Plus, her mother would have to pay for half, so its not really an issue.

The schools down here also have supply lists that are twice as long.  Sigh.

Wolfie and I are making peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.  Almost done, then to his nap!

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