Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zone Defense 4: Clothes and Textiles

This week I'm getting back on the Zone Defense train!  Woo woo!

I'm going to attempt to simplify laundry and linens.  This should be pretty easy for me.  We don't have any laundry equipment here, so no laundry room!  I do two loads a week at my MIL's and that's that.

I plan on reorganizing the linens in my closets.  We have sheets we don't use for bed sizes we don't own anymore.  I'm going to keep a full set for the air mattress, but the rest I can donate.  And I've got probably 20 baby sized towels and 20 more receiving blankets, so I'll go through those as well.

I've been planning on making a quilt out of the receiving blankets.  I originally wanted to make this I love you(r DNA) quilt, but I've just noticed that its crib sized and I'd like to make a twin.  We've got some nice crib sized blankets already and I want this to be something he'll be able to use for a long time.

So those are my laundry plans.  I'll go through the kids clothes again in September to see what we need to buy them for winter and repackage the baby clothes for storing.  Its all in old diaper boxes, which are not good to store for a long time.

The grownup clothes are set for now, aside from going through Murl's socks to hunt for holes and see if he needs a new pack.

I think I can handle that this week!

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